A Collection of Immersive Video Experiences

Over the course of the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters, I have amassed quite a few immersive video projects. 

My goal with this post is to collect and share those projects and to present them to a larger audience at the Interactive Media Annual Showcase! 

The first project that I would like to share is called "This is Not a Train", which was a collective effort between Gabriel Torres, Lukas Rodriguez, and me. 



The second project is called "Awkward Experiences"  and it was built and designed with the same team.  This time we used stereoscopic, 180 degree video and tried our best to make the user feel incredibly uncomfortable.  

The third experience was made in the Spring 2023 semester for building Virtual Worlds.  In this experience, the user can explore a gallery and literally jump into a painting.

The final experience is a playful VR build that allows the user to go on an Indian Jones style adventure to save an ancient treasure from poachers.