Praxinoscope: Physical Computing Project 3

   For this third project in Physical Computing, I took into account feedback from classmates regarding my Zoetrope and made several adjustments, not the least of which was converting it into a Praxinoscope.  Check out the video below to see it's development!   In addition to converting the Zoetrope into a Praxinoscope, I also played with the idea of creating a simple animatronic by controlling a servo's position with a potentiometer.  Sadly, I needed to abandon that pursuit in order to successfully complete my original task. Nevertheless, I'll show the progress made and share the wiring schematic for potential future development. I also experimented with using sound as the driver for the servo. The code is below for future use. Zoetrope Feedback Visibility of the animation is obstructed by the zoetrope's shutters and should be improved Pressing the button was uncomfort

Zoetrope : Physical Computing Project 2

A 3D Printed Zoetrope For our second project in Physical Computing, the class was promted to create an interactive object that could perform a simple task and utilize: a servo motor,  a 3D printed component,  and an advanced electrical component such as an external button.   I have been eager to learn 3D printing and how to potentially export my animation out of Maya and into the real world. This project was the perfect opportunity to realize this desire.  Below is a video presentation of my project and some of the process to make it happen. Please enjoy!   Brainstorming  As part of the design process, it is important to quickly explore as many ideas as possible within the frame of your idea and allow for deviations t

Physical Computing Project 1

BLISSFUL JOY For this first assignment in Physical Computing, the class was tasked with creating an art piece that represents a specific emotion. Additionally, we were challenged to use the Adafruit Circuit microcontoller to design an animated light pattern and to program at least three different modes (on, animate, off) for the controller using a button to switch the inputs.  FINAL PIECE IDEATION The main idea for my project actually came from someone else!  Everyone in the class was paired with another student and we gave each other three emotions to choose from. I was give the option of representing: Mischievousness  Frantic Happiness Blissful Joy And I chose "Blissful Joy" as my emotion.  SKETCHES & INSPIRATION