Capstone - Week 1

The time has finally come to produce a project that encapsulates my time as an Interactive Media graduate student.  I have 16 weeks to scrounge together my skills and make something that speaks to my interests and meets the requirement for the program.  

Additionally, there will be a final presentation on my capstone project that needs to include a comprehensive overview of my process, research, and findings. This blog will act as my online journal and it will be updated at least once a week documenting the design process.


The entirety of last semester was devoted to exploring concepts, pitching the concepts to the class, take notes, and keep iterating on the idea.

My concept has gone through at least six major changes.  The one steady component has been the integration of Virtual Reality software such as Unity and Unreal as a tool.

Current Concept

Below is a slide deck of my most recent exploration.

Original Concept - Animated Short Film integrating Unreal Engine

Initially I was going to use the Capstone development time to create a traditional narrative that integrated 2D character animation with environments built, lit and rendered in the Unreal Engine.  This did not cut mustard.  It would have been a good opportunity to learn a new tool that would benefit me in my pursuit of narrative based experiences.

Remembering Your Future - VR Concept

Apparently brainwashing oneself is considered a bit dystopian?  The scientific term for this concept is "rehearsal", where the user goes through the motions of something that they plan on doing, but maybe have difficulty accomplishing due to anxiety or other mental blockers.  In my concept, the user would curate a video playlist that represents their desired future behavior, such as waking up early, eating healthy, etc, and logging their progress, but the most important component was allowing the user the freedom to set up their ideal routine. 


Future Planning Revised -  Gamified VR


 AR/VR Painting Exploration

Passthrough VR - Panels with Narrative