Capstone Week 3 - January 29 - February 4

 Please Pardon Our Digital Dust - Construction in Progress

Let's get to the goods.  Below is a video capture of a second prototype deployed on the Oculus Pro headset.  The goal was to see how the mixed reality content integrated into the real world.

To get to this point I needed to brush up on my Maya modeling "skills" and start building something.


  • Cuban Heritage Collection 
    • Home to the largest repository of materials on Cuba outside of the island and the most comprehensive collection of resources about Cuban exile history and the global Cuban diaspora experience.
  • Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project  
    • A digital collection includes videos, outlines, and selected transcripts of oral history interviews conducted principally with members of the first generations of Cubans to leave the island after the Cuban Revolution.

Planning and Sketching

Reference Images


Next Steps

  • Fix Raycaster ( The buttons didn't work!)
  • Build Interactions > Windows opening | Trigger Freedom Tower
  • Set up depth sensing for hand pass-through
  • Scale Objects / Align with floor plane
  • Design set with more detail
  • Texture objects
  • Find CG models: Curtain | Palm Trees | Kitchen appliances
  • Story Pass
  • Setup Github file backup

Four Week Challenge

I have a sneaking suspicion that I might need to use my time a little more intentionally and with a greater sense of urgency.  With such a "long" time horizon before the project is due, I should take advantage of the opportunity to fail earlier and make adjustments along the way.  My experience in school and with personal projects has taught me that Parkinson's Law is VERY real.  

In an effort to actually learn from my mistakes, I'm going to give myself a deadline of a 4-week sprint to get the project as close to finished as possible. 


(A scruffy Noel trying to navigate his project after the batteries died on his controllers)